BNP Paribas Real Estate in Hungary provides full range of Property Management services to its international and local clients managing over 340 000 sq m of commercial property comprising in total 26 office, retail and logistic properties.”. Our services comprises of:

  • Lease administration including rent collection and follow-up of all lease contracts.
  • Site management including the coordination of all facility services.
  • Financial management including service charge management and tenants debt management.
  • accounting & administration / company management ensuring that the SPV owning the managed building complies with all accounting and corporate legal obligations.

For us, property management means paying equal attention to client and tenant needs alike. We are always keen on preserving the value of the properties of our clients and strive to provide cost-efficient services to satisfy the owner. Also, we serve our tenants by continuously improving the quality of services and equipment.

Property Management

Landlord representation

Protect your interests and optimise the returns from your property

Lease administration

Lease management

Have the contractual obligations in the lease met

Technical management

Technical and services management

Optimise the technical management of your property

Service charge management

Optimise your property’s service charges

Financial management

Secure revenue from property and benefit from accurate financial reporting

Due diligence

Manage and anticipate the costs of your property assets

Additional services

Letting coordination

Coordinating the letting of your buildings

Sustainability compliance of the building

Improve your buildings’ performance by including sustainability in your property management

Pre delivery assistance to property developers

Having your property compliant with standards and advising you on its future operating conditions

Project management

Effective coordination of partial renovation work carried out on your buildings

Strategic advisory

Develop your real estate strategy

Corporate accounting

Under the service covered with the offer, we propose to commission BNP Paribas Real Estate to perform in particular the following operations